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houses of worship & community based charitable organizations

A gift that keeps on Giving, while Empowering those in charge of doing Godly Works. 

The Family of Israel Foundation is pleased to announce its partnering with Aura Air to supply all houses of worship & community based charitable organizations and their members with the Aura Air product line.


Our program is unique in that we wish to change the paradigm of charitable giving  from "feed a man a fish for a day", to teaching him and giving him the tools required to build a fishing empire so he can feed and teach others. This is what our foundation is about.


Let's elaborate in regard to houses of worship and other community based charities who are constantly in need of raising funds to support a wide range of community services while many times falling short of reaching their needed funding targets and requirements. 

Our simple idea is to provide essential, high value, unique, and exclusive products and technologies to all members of "Houses of Worship" & Community based Charities and pay a generous commission to the House of Worship or Charitable organization on the sale of the product/s to their members/supporters. We are starting out with the Aura Air product line, but will be adding many other amazing items as well in the near future.

The idea is to create an ongoing symbiotic 360 win win for everyone in the circle of love; sharing & caring, while also paying it forward. We are starting out with the Aura Air product line because it is the most essential requirement for life.


Breathing healthy clean air free from pathogens and other chemical pollutants, is now more vital and important than any other time in human history as the current Corona pandemic has made more apparent than ever as well as other future natural or man-made pandemics which have constantly plagued mankind throughout human history.


The irony of it all is that while we succeeded in sending a man to the moon 50 years ago, here on Earth, millions of people die every year from pathogens they can't even see. What is wrong with that picture. We have the technologies TODAY to both prevent it; and if someone does get sick we can easily and effectively treat it (see our website section on this subject). 

Another one of the key benefits of the Aura Air technology is its installation in all houses of worship to allow the safe gathering of members to worship God and fellowship together. This will neutralize the state government's reason for utilizing the Corona crisis to violate the first amendment rights to freedom of religion, assembly, and speech which is what made America great and will continue to make her great.

The following are the many benefits of our foundations' program for everyone joining in this 360 win win circle:

  • Enabling houses of worship members to finally gather safely to worship God & fellowship together. 

  • Providing members a way to protect their home, family, and friends from airborne pathogens and chemical pollutants which will also promote better health.

  • Supporting your local house of worship or other community based charity with an extra income to continue their charitable works in the local community or around the world.

  • Helping our Foundation support our many world changing projects.

  • Helping support the Israeli economy.

If you are a house of worship, a community based charity or organization and want to learn more about joining our affiliate program, please fill out the form bellow and we will get back to you shortly:

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