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An appeal to everyone of good consence 


Fundraising Request to Promote the Common-Sense Model and the
Re: Fundraising Request to Promote the Common-Sense Model and the Public Emergency Council for the Covid19 Crisis


The Common-Sense Model and the Public Emergency Council for the Covid19 Crisis (PECC) are two non-political bodies that were founded by world-renowned, leading physicians and scientists, professors, experts in law and government—all with outstanding resumes and reputations—who could no longer sit on the sidelines and watch the unprofessional and irresponsible way in which the Ministry of Health and the Israel government were dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. All members of the Common-Sense Model and the Council are volunteers, jeopardizing their fine reputations and exposing themselves to ongoing attacks by government authorities, who disapprove of their vocal criticism.

Ever since establishing these two organizations, we have striven in every way possible to put an end to the frenzy and to restore common sense and sanity. We are making every effort to calm the public and to put an end to the harm that is being caused by the Israel government and the Ministry of Health, including severe damage to the public’s physical and mental health, to human rights—e.g., freedom to work, autonomy over one’s body—economic collapse, and social division and alienation. Both bodies are actually the only significant forces that, from the very onset of the crisis, have opposed what we call “the Covid19 dictatorship”.

Both organizations are supported by an NGO called “The Association for the Promotion of a Healthy Common-Sense Model in Israel,” which was established in order to raise funds in support of these two groups.

The NGO is run completely by volunteers; no salaries are paid to any staff member. One hundred percent of all funds raised go towards paying outside professionals and service providers in order to promote our activities.

We are supported not only by the staff members of the Model and the Council, but also by thousands of physicians, scientists, academics and legal experts, as well as by hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens.


Press Interviews – Dozens of appearances on various television channels, representations in news items, interviews on the radio and at every venue where we can present an opinion that is different from that of the fear-mongering “experts” at the Ministry of Health.

Lobbying – Presentation of position papers for important discussions in the Knesset, meetings with Knesset members and government ministers, participation in important discussions in the Knesset plenum and committees, - all with the purpose of exposing the public to a transparent and truly scientific discourse.

Dissemination of Facts – Activities geared to disseminate medical facts based on scientific facts—without any bias or hidden agendas—such as the distribution of position papers and publication of research, forecasts and fully transparent, accurate data that contradict the propaganda touted by the Ministry of Health and the government.

Legal Action – Lodging appeals to the High Court of Justice, or offering expert opinions to other organizations attacking the Green Passport, the state of emergency, forced vaccinations, etc.

Social Media – Communication and publication of all activities via the social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Demonstrations – Organization of events where members of the Common-Sense Model and the PECC, as well as guest speakers, get the message out to the public; demonstrations on college campuses against the Green Passport.

Current Objectives

Cancellation of the state of emergency that was imposed more than a year ago, and which enables the government to promulgate undemocratic regulations and to act as a dictatorship.
Cancellation of the Green Passport which segregates vaccinated from non-vaccinated citizens, thus coercing people to be vaccinated and trampling on their human rights by a form of selection.Demand for full transparency and the disclosure of true data regarding morbidity and death from COVID-19.

Removal of the 30-year classified status of the protocols from discussions in the Knesset and from the commercial agreements with Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

Abandonment of the idea of vaccinating children who are not at risk, since the potential harm to that population outweighs any benefits.

The Situation Today in Israel


To be blunt, the situation in Israel is terrible. The government is using COVID-19 and the state of emergency to amass more power and control, and to justify the violation of human rights. In actual fact, Israel is one of the countries in which human rights have been most severely violated during the past year, and one might say that it is no longer a full democracy.

This can be seen in the police violence; the permanent state of emergency; the passage of a law granting special powers for dealing with the novel corona virus—legislation that allows the prime minister to act arbitrarily, without Knesset approval; the lack of transparency; mandatory wearing of masks; lockdowns; quarantines; termination of air travel; electronic bracelets to track non-vaccinated travellers returning from abroad; a Green Pass which allows only the vaccinated to enter places of entertainment, education, culture and sport. And now they want to enforce sanctions against non-vaccinated children.


To date, about 400000 shekels have been raised for this activity, some by businessmen who at the beginning of the struggle supported us to promote the opening of trade, and some through crowd funding from the general public.

Currently there are about 10000 shekels left in the association's reserves. This is an amount that will not allow us to survive another two months while also paying various suppliers - PR, video productions, sponsored promotions, event production, lobbying, assisting the student struggle and more.

In order to increase our campaign activity, especially against the vaccination of children, and also our fight to end to the state of emergency and to end violations of human rights and the abuse of democratic processes, we need an additional amount of at least NIS 1.14 million (about $350,000).

With this money we can launch a massive advertising campaign on billboards and media channels - internet, radio and television and expose the public to the scientific truth - the vaccine is dangerous for children and has no health justification!

Even if we fail to raise this amount, any amount and any donation will help us survive. We are in the aftermath of a year of intensive work, and it will be extremely difficult to raise additional funds from public donations.

Attached is the group profile, a link to the Facebook page, and list of appearances in the media:

Common-Sense Model Facebook group - modelcommonsense

Website -


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