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Bible Time Travel

Lets us take you through time and connect you with prominent figures from the Bible who helped shape and influence the world stage; and which helped forge the formation of the Jewish People; the eternal people, that have been the wellspring of knowledge and wisdom for all the nations of the Earth to drink from and be sustained; “And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast hearkened unto My voice”.(Genesis 22:18)

Just as important as it is to know about these prominent Bible figures is the knowledge that they are all with us till this very day; and we have the privilege of being able to visit their final resting place; thus physically connecting us to them and further fulfilling humankind’s manifest destiny through the ages towards the final redemption of humanity and the “golden age of Messiah”. This is proof positive that the land of Israel is an everlasting inheritance of the Jewish People; and any other claims are null and void. No other nation on Earth has this long of an historical, archaeological, physical and spiritual connection to their land.

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