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Translational Medicine Research, Development and Implementation Project

“Mightier than the tread of marching armies, is the power of an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo)

Translational Medicine (TM) is the emerging field which focuses on using what is learned in pre-clinical studies to do smarter things in the clinic. Translational Medicine helps in the course of predicting, preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases. Translational Medicine also uses what can be gleaned in clinical studies to sharpen and improve what is done in pre-clinical efforts to discover new medicines and medical devices. Translational medicine represents a paradigm shift in the biomedical research enterprise whose ultimate purpose is to improve human health via a “bench to bedside” approach.

Translational Medicine is a relatively young area of bio-medicine, in which pharmaceutical & Bio-Tech companies use a patient driven approach to drug or medical device development. Translational medicine involves the transformation of laboratory findings into new ways to diagnose and treat patients. Many biotech companies are introducing Translational Medicine departments charged with the task of facilitating the transition of basic research into practical treatments and clinical trials.

To define translational research further; “It is research [that] transforms scientific discoveries arising from laboratory, clinical or population studies into new clinical tools and applications that improve human health by reducing disease incidence (preventative medicine), morbidity and mortality.” Another perspective is “Translational research fosters the multi-directional integration of basic research, patient-oriented research, and population-based research, with the long-term aim of improving the health of the public.”

This emerging paradigm in healthcare has always been the guiding light for the foundation’s founding members activities in supporting doctors and research scientists all over the world who think “out of the box” and whose passion is based on leaving this world at a ripe old age of 120 a better place than they found it, not based only on becoming rich and famous. “Those who strive for perfection will achieve excellence, for only God is perfect.”

In order to achieve this excellence we must stand on the shoulders of those great individuals who have made so many discoveries and contributions to humanity as a stepping stone and guide to discovering the many secrets of nature. We must first understand nature before attempting to faithfully copying her.  By standing on the shoulders of giants we will be better able to see farther into the future. “If you want to accurately predict the future, create it!” (Abraham Lincoln) Below is a partial list of Nobel Prize winners whose discoveries we had the honour to actually implemented both in clinical settings as well as the jungles of Africa to effectively treat many suffering patients as well as to save many lives, and in this light path, we will continue to travel.

Some of the Nobel Prize Winners Whose Shoulders We Stand On!


The foundation’s members have been and continue to be involved in numerous disruptive and game changing medical and biomedical research projects. However, due to budget constraints we must now focus on just a few and prioritize those projects which will save the most lives and which can be implemented most rapidly. As more funding is made available, the board of directors will chose other qualified projects to be funded according to the foundations criteria.

Priority projects which need funding for immediate implementation:

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