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Infectious Disease Mortality Reduction Project with Specific Focus on the Novel Corona Virus

"The Cure that time forgot"

In the United States 99,000 Americans Die of Healthcare-Aquired Infections Every Year while expending $45 billion tax payer dollars. In Europe 2.5 million Europeans die from hospital infections every year; and many millions more globally.

In Israel, 4,000-6,000 die from nosocomial infections (hospital acquired infections) while spending $ 1.5 billion tax payer dollars every year; and this is in a country with a population of just over 8 million people. Nosocomial infections kill more Israeli’s than wars, terror attacks, and traffic accidents combined.

Looking back at the scientific achievements of mankind over the last 100 years including the putting of a man on the moon 50 years ago, is nothing short of spectacular; and yet today 50 years after putting a man on the moon, mankind on earth is still dying by the millions every year from bacterial & viral pathogens they can’t even see, in spite of the judicious use of antibiotics & vaccines. Whats wrong with this picture!!!  

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The irony of it all is that the tools and medical protocols to deal with most pathogens existed even before putting a man on the moon. The problem was the mass adaptation of antibiotics as the magic potion solution that was both cheap and readily available. Their solution was a pill, not a medical procedure and therefore the other known medical treatments fell into disuse. 

Today, the overuse or misuse of antibiotics has created new “super bugs” which are resistant to all know antibiotics, returning mankind to the era before antibiotics. Therefore it was important for us to uncover the many little known discoveries and medical protocols of the last 100 years which time simply forgot.

The following is a medical journal article of one of the medical tools that we use in our combined protocol “The Cure That Time Forgot”.

Bio-Photonic + Medical Ozone Combination Therapy

A short laymen explanation of how the treatment works:

In layman’s terms, the basic mechanism of action in its long standing history of success is that the treatment acts as an “Auto-Vaccine” specific to the pathogen/s affecting the patient. When only 5% of the patients’ blood has been removed and exposed to Ultraviolet light in the UVC frequency band as well as the addition of a measured quantity of medical Ozone to that blood, the pathogen in question is destroyed after which the same blood is now returned to the patient and acts as an “Auto Vaccine” because the body can now recognize the surface antigens of the pathogen and mount an immune specific response to that same pathogen and providing immunity. The treatment itself is like donating a pint of blood but getting it back after it has been treated in a closed loop onetime sterile kit. The treatment takes between 30-45 minutes to perform.

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UBI Diagram.png

Patients receiving Treatment

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“Never worry about who will be offended if you speak the truth, worry about who will be misled, deceived & destroyed if you DON’T"!!!

Another hallmark feature of this treatment is the fact that over a period of billions of years of evolution, all bacterial and viral pathogens have never to date been able to adapt evasion of destruction by exposure to ultraviolet UVC or Ozone. This feature is important because the treatment is agnostic to the pathogen in question, so mutation and new strains are equally susceptible to destruction.

In comparison, a conventional vaccine is a weakened or dead bacteria or virus injected into a patient to hopefully produce an antigen specific immune response from the body. The challenge with the conventional vaccine paradigm is that it doesn’t work for everyone as a cure or prevention, especially if the virus or other pathogen mutates. So it is very hard to find a perfect match. The second problem with conventional vaccines is that it takes 5 years or more to develop, manufacture, and test for safety and efficacy; making such a solution not practical or even feasible.

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A list of other positive effects of the treatment essential to a more rapid an uneventful recovery:

  • Free of harmful side effects.

  • Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, and Parasites.

  • Instant vasodilatation (expanding of all the body’s 100,000 Kilometres of arteries, veins, & capillaries).

  • Increased energy levels in the body. (Increased production of ATP).

  • Immediate rising of intravenous oxygen levels and its transport to all the organs. Note that Corona attacks the respiratory system resulting in lower oxygen levels in the body known as hypoxia.

  • Deactivation of toxins released by the pathogens as a waste product to prevent complications of toxemia.

  • Powerful increase of immune system responses. Immune modulator.

  • Neutralizes free radicals.

  • Prevention or neutralizing of cytokine storm. A deadly side effect of CoVid-19.

  • Prevention or neutralizing of platelet clumping that leads to thrombosis (blood clots) which can cause strokes and or heart attack; another deadly side effect of CoVid-19.

Our Credentials and Clinical Experience

The foundation's founder, Prof. Pinchas Mandell was Quantum Medical Centres' (Tel-Aviv, Israel) Chief Scientist  who promoted and worked with Advanced Integrative Medicine combining a number of schools of medicine and advanced medical technologies to treat the root causes of disease. The medical centre practiced healthcare, not disease maintenance.


Quantum Medical Centre was sold in 2015 and Prof. Mandell has since setup the Foundation to continue his life's work and to fulfill  his parents (RIP) life aspirations which started 50 years ago at Kibbutz Kedma.  


All of the foundations' doctors are highly trained as conventional doctors and also work in Israeli hospitals, they are also trained to combine and utilize other schools of medicine and advanced medical technologies which are evidence-based medicine with many peer review medical journal articles.


To learn more about these powerful additions to the arsenal of medicine, click on the following LINK which has many peer review medical journal articles and e-books on the subject.


Over a period of 15 years the medical centre introduced many advanced medical technologies into Israel and secured regulatory clearance and medical liability insurance for their use in both private clinics as well as hospitals, so as to benefit all doctors in having legal access to, and adding these powerful weapons to their medical arsenal. The medical centre also secured a 3rd party pay code from the Israeli Ministry of Defence in order to be able to treat the over 60,000 war veterans in need of any of the centers' many advanced medical therapies at no cost to the patient.


Unfortunately, their use has been only in private clinics and only rarely in hospitals when the medical centre was occasionally summoned by doctors that knew of our work; to treat patients in septic shock with only days to live. Fortunately, we had a 75% success rate in preventing their untimely death.

Prof. Mandell's first attempt of trying to get these medical therapies into use in hospitals was 20 years ago. Many obstacles were put in our way to prevent us; but we have come a long way since, and we are now ready, willing, and able to take it to the next level by conducting a Helsinki Clinical Trial so as to gain wide acceptance for its standard use in every hospital in Israel as well as in hospitals all over the world in countries that are signatories to the Helsinki Protocol. 


















Our foundations' success in this projects mission will help save untold numbers of precious lives, not just in Israel, but all over the world.  Click on the link below to read the Jewish Press Articles

Abstract 2.jpeg

"Truth in its nakedness is not always pleasant to see, but ignorance in action is a horrifying thing to watch". 

Below is one of our most difficult cases of a patient that was in septic shock and given 48 hours to live, was 80 years old, was a Diabetic, had a stroke, was in a coma for one month and had 3 hospital acquired infections which didn’t respond to any known antibiotics. The patient happily went home 30 days later. You can say that it was a case most doctors would never touch, mostly because they don’t have the knowledge and the tools to deal with such cases. We would however like to change that, and help provide doctors in hospitals with powerful new tools to add to their arsenal of medicine. 

At the Medical Centre, we routinely treated patients successfully who had serious infectious diseases, both viral and bacterial which did not respond to any form of conventional treatment.

For this reason, we are now embarking on a bold project to introduce our medical protocols and technologies to be used as new weapons in their arsenal of medicine to treat patients in intensive care units in every hospital in Israel facing eminent death from infection. We firmly believe (after decades of clinical experience) that we can substantially reduce the mortality and morbidity from hospital acquired infections as well as other pandemic infections which continue to threaten the global population repeatedly throughout human history including the current Corona-virus crisis which has shut down the world.


A Way Forward

In order for this to happen, we need to conduct a six-month Helsinki clinical trial at one of Israel’s largest hospital and treat at least 150 patients at the hospital’s intensive care unit who are suffering from a viral or bacterial infection which does not respond to conventional therapies and are facing eminent death. These will include patients diagnosed with Corona-virus at various stages of their disease. We will however try to identify those patients in other hospital wards who are not responding to the gold standard of care early on, before being forced to send them to the  intensive care unit. This will increase the percentage of success significantly.

The foundation is now uniquely positioned to carry out this project for it has access to all the intellectual property, medical equipment, medical protocols, as well as all required ministry of health certifications and medical liability insurance which enables us to even conduct such a clinical trial. This status is very unique to the foundation and we are both humbled and honoured to have it and thank God and the Israeli government for making it happen. It is a status which has never been attained by other doctors, organizations, or company in the world who are using these medical treatments in private clinics only.

In the past, we turned to Venture Capital as well as Angel Investors to fund a Helsinki Clinical Trial at a major hospital, but to no avail; simply for the reason that the technology and medical protocols we use are in the public domain and can’t be monopolized by any one company, so there is no financial incentive as there is with a pharmaceutical drug; which in our case, there is no known pharmaceutical solution to date. There is also no multi-billion dollar exit either. However, the upside to this, is that the treatments can’t be monopolized in such a way as to only be available to the rich; we need to make it available to everyone who needs it. This can ONLY happen if the public gets involved and supports our efforts. No one else is going to make it happen but Joe/Jane public. The lives you save may even be your own, that of a loved one, or a friend; after all, NO ONE is immune to getting infected with a bacterial or viral pathogen which does not respond to the “Gold Standard” of care.


Recently, the Israeli Minister of health, Rabbi Yacov Litzman, was quoted in the media that he wishes to make this issue a high priority and quickly find a solution to prevent the deaths of thousands of Israelis in its hospitals from infections that they acquired at the hospital.

We have put together a team of prominent doctors and scientists to conduct this clinical trial. We will however need to raise $1.5 million USD to carry it out. After the successful conclusion of the clinical trial, these treatments will obtain a government third party pay code which hospitals can charge when providing these treatments to patients who need it. Which means, it will be available to everyone without cost, and not to just those who have money.

The end result will be the saving of thousands of lives in Israel every year and billions of dollars to the Israeli healthcare system which can better be utilized for other things that are in great need (like other lifesaving medications and therapies).

Another benefit of this project is that by conducting a Helsinki clinical trial, not only will it allow us to publish the results in international peer review medical journals, it will also be able to be used and implemented in all the other countries in the world that are signatories to Helsinki Protocol. So this is GREAT NEWS for humanity!!!


There are also a number of advantages in doing these clinical trials in Israel:

  • All the medical treatments and equipment needed to conduct the clinical trials are already approved by the ministry of health.

  • All the medical treatments and equipment needed to conduct the clinical trials have medical liability insurance.

  • The cost of conducting clinical trials in Israel are a fraction of the cost of doing it in any other western nation.

  • We have a team of doctors who understand the importance of this project and have the clinical knowledge, experience, and passion to be a part of this clinical trial.


Our Inspiration

We stand on the shoulders of those great individuals who have made so many discoveries and contributions to humanity as a stepping stone and guide to discovering the many secrets of nature. All the discoveries and tools that we use in our protocol each had Nobel Prize winners whose discoveries we had the honour to actually implemented both in clinical settings as well as in the jungles of Africa to effectively treat many suffering patients as well as to save many lives, and in this light path, we will continue to travel.

We wish everyone reading this document to take away a message of hope and inspiration in mankind’s ability to solve any problem that comes our way if we only cooperate and collaborate together. The current global pandemic crisis is an excellent opportunity to bring humanity closer together and not to divide and rip us apart even more than we are already.

We implore you to open your heart and join us in this important lifesaving project by donating what you can and being part of the solution in saving countless lives; and because pathogens can effect EVERYONE equally, the life you save could even be your own, a loved one, or a friend, if God forbid any of you are infected and are facing life threatening complication.

Our sages say “If you save one life, it’s like saving a world”. The Bible also commands us, “Thou shall not stand idly by the blood of thy neighbour, I am the LORD”  (Leviticus 19:16) We are in need of good people to rise to the occasion and heed the clarion call NOW!!! Thank you.

Peace & Blessings,

Prof. Pinchas Mandell

The major significance and implications of this pilot/trial in combating the Corona Virus!!!

As serendipity would have it, the current novel, and global Corona virus pandemic and the associated international panic and fear surrounding it, has presented many more challenges ‏ and dangers to the world than prior pandemics in recorded history, including recent history as was shown with the SARS virus, MERS virus, Swine flu, Avian flu, Ebola, and even AIDS; and let’s not forget the seasonal flu which also kills millions globally, nosocomial infections (hospital acquired) which also kill millions every year; and also let’s not forget Tuberculosis which kills 5,000 people EVER DAY. We mention these statistics just to put things in perspective and prevent outright and unnecessary hysterics and panic; for the death & destruction from the resulting global panic will be far greater than the amount of people actually dying from the virus itself; something that we can largely avoid. However, as bad as it may seem, this current crisis has opened up enormous opportunities for ushering in new as well as re-discovered technologies and treatment modalities for treatment as well as for rapid and accurate diagnosis of diseases. All of these modalities belong to the field of “Quantum Medicine”.

The combination of factors such as having no known treatment or cure, international travel, social media, fake news, almost country wide quarantines in some countries of the world that are affected, and the constant and none stop daily mainstream media frenzy; have changed politics, economics, and social order for the foreseeable future. It is disrupting international travel, manufacturing, trade & commerce, supply chains, major social events, as well as financial markets, and is also bringing already overwhelmed healthcare systems to a possible breaking point. These elements and their reality are the ingredients for the “perfect storm”. Let cool heads and out of the box thinking prevail.


Scientist studying the genome of the Corona virus (Covid 19) has found genetic markers for SARS virus, AIDS virus, and H1N1 virus, giving it the ability to mutate rapidly as has already been shown (30 to date) with the Corona virus now spreading rapidly throughout the world. These factors make the development, production, and testing of new vaccines for safety and efficacy an almost impossible task, even with the billions of dollars which are already being thrown at the potential vaccine solution. We must also not forget; a vaccine that may work today may be useless in as little as a few months and the fact that they also have many potentially dangerous side effects as listed on the manufactures own product insert which most people including doctors don't even bother to read.

Fortunately for now, most (99.8%) of infected patients recover from the virus without any major complications. This means that we only need to treat the 0.02% of the remaining patients who have serious complications and are facing eminent death. This is certainly a doable task. The very fact that people will have the knowledge that a safe and effective treatment exists, will calm the current situation and allow us to bring the current global crisis to a safer conclusion and allow humanity to continue to move forward by restoring normalcy to everyone’s lives. It will also give much comfort to humanity to know that there is a safe a viable treatment for whatever new pathogen of the month may pop up in the future. Just recently an article was published in the Journal of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology titled A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy For more peer review medical journal articles on both Bio-Photonic and Medical Ozone Therapy, including recent publications on CoVid-19 please click here

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