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Replant Israel Project

Adopt a Farmer Program

The Tragic Event

To all of our dear brothers & sisters and friends of Israel:


On October 7th 2023 a tectonic event occurred with the unleashing of Hamas terror on innocent civilians in Southern Israel on the Gaza border. These unprecedented and barbarous acts not seen in Israel’s 75 years since its re-establishment in 1948 after 2,000+ years of exile, has lead to the current “Iron Sword” war which is effecting Jews both in Israel and around the world with antisemitism reaching levels never seen or experienced in our history due to the phenomena of social media with billions of people being connected to social networks.

The Problem

The south of Israel is were 75% of its fruits & vegetables are grown and the farmers there are in dire need of our help. It is very unfortunate that the Israeli farmers have been neglected and ignored by our government for the last 2 decades, and being a very low priority on the list of reforms necessary to provide “Food Security” for the nation. “Where there is NO food security, there can be NO national security”!


In the last few years Hamas has been unleashing balloons with fire bombs from Gaza whose purpose was to burn crops and fields in the south causing much damage to the land. On top of this, farmers in Israel are constantly being extorted by Israeli Arab Crime Families to pay them protection so as to prevent them from stealing farm animals and equipment as well as burning and destroying crops and farm infrastructure. As the police and military do nothing to stop it, they are essentially abandoned to fend for themselves.

Help us in Replanting Israel Better with Biochar. A revolutionary soil amendment for massive increases in soil fertility and yields, while reducing water consumption and fertilizer by 50%  

What Farming use to be like in Israel


What Farming in Israel has  become over the last 5 years

טרור העפיפונים חקלאות שדות עוטף עזה צילום רפי בביאן.jpeg

"Only Israeli Farmers must work under these kind of  conditions"

Add to this the 2020 Covid-19 crisis and then the war in Ukraine/Russia which completely disrupted global supply chains causing the prices of fertilizers and other farm inputs as well as shipping costs to import them to rise substantially, creating a situation where farmers are forced into bankruptcy. Just in the last 2 years the number of farmers in Israel has gone down from 17,000 to just over 10,000. This situation is disastrous for Israeli agriculture and its food security.


To address the shortages of produce in Israel, the Israeli government decided that instead of solving the root cause of the problem and bringing about the necessary reforms and providing the required budgets to reach food security for the nation, it decided to start importing produce from Turkey, Jordan, and Europe giving exclusive rights to just a handful of monopolistic companies to import from abroad causing annual double digit food inflation in a country which is already the most expensive country the world to live in.


Biochar Israel has over the last 2 years tried with the Ministry of Agriculture to make the application of Biochar to farm land part of the required reforms that have been talked about for many years but never implemented due to 5 elections in 3 years.


All of the above events and problems even before the tragedy of October 7th has brought our farmers who are the salt of the earth and the guardians of our lands and food security to a situation which will not allow them to survive if the current situation is not resolved.


The irony to all this is that Israel was once an agricultural superpower and a net exporter of fruits & vegetables as well as technology. It is now the time for all people of good conscience and who love Israel to rise to the occasion and help restore Israel's agricultural prominence to its formal glory and to even greater heights.

So God made a Farmer!

A moving video clip that will make you appreciate farmers all the more

The Solution

The Family of Israel Foundation with Biochar Israel and our JV partner Biochar Now, LLC in the USA has decided to rise to the occasion to provide a much needed solution called Biochar: “The New Black Gold”.


Its not by chance that Biochar has been given this title, as it stands to become an ubiquitous climate-smart commodity which will impact almost every field & industry as well as society and the planet as a whole, especially in the field of sustainable regenerative agriculture.


This is why on October 30th 2023 our JV Partner was featured in Newsweek Innovation section “Five Tech Innovations That Could Help Save the Planet”

What is Biochar?

“BioChar is a highly adsorbent, specially-produced nano-carbon with unique properties originally and still used as a soil amendment”.

Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 10-24-32 Sustainable Agriculture Tree Of Life Biotechnology.png

Our Biochar is made from dead beetle kill trees cleared from forests which undergo a pyrolysis process in a proprietary furnace in which the biomass is heated in an oxygen-free environment in order to decompose into simpler materials. Biochar is a lightweight material, thanks to many pores, and a large surface area, which reaches 400-500 square meters or more per gram and looks like a sponge full of holes.


Scientific studies have proven the many benefits of using Biochar in agricultural crops and include:

  • Improving soil fertility, and increasing crop yields per acre by 100% or more.

  • The trapping of water and fertilizer in the vicinity of the root zone, and their release according to the requirement of the plant, thus preventing leaching into, and contaminating ground water, and preventing costly waste of valuable resources.

  • Superior and quicker plant growth, and the development of strong and healthy roots.

  • Prosperity and increase of beneficial microorganisms, and reduction of soil acidity.

  • A 50% reduction of water and fertilizer use, resulting in lowering per acre production costs and increased profits.

  • Organic Agriculture.

  • Desert Agriculture.


Biochar essentially becomes a capsule rich in nutrients, which raises the acidity level of the soil to an optimal level and is a major reason why our product is so efficient and significantly improves soil quality, crop growth, crop yields, and nutritional quality of produce." Application of Biochar to crop soil is essentially a onetime procedure with multi-generational benefits.


All of the above benefits of Biochar has led the USDA to setup and implement a new program called the Soil Carbon Amendment practice ICPS 808/CPS 336 which pays farmers to apply Biochar to their crops & forest land. Unfortunately, this program has not yet been copied by other countries in the world and is unique to the USA which is fortunately leading by example and being the tip of the spear.

To learn more about what Biochar is and why it is so important, please visit our websites Biochar Israel & Tree of life Biotechnology

About Our Partner

Our JV partner Biochar Now, LLC took on the challenge of becoming the best company overall in the large scale production and industrial ready scalability of both high quality BioChar as well as the manufacturing of the hardware and software to do so, and has acquired immense practical “know how” over the last 12 years which allowed it to reach many milestones & achievements. These achievements include 17 issued patents, and certifications including ISO, EPA, USDA Bio-preferred, CEPA (Canada), OMRI (Organic Certification), and Israeli Ministry of Agriculture. We also have the ability to offer and sell Carbon Credits created by the sequestration of our Biochar.


For this reason its the ONLY company in the world whose BioChar and Carbon Credits are insured by a major US crop insurance company. To date, these achievements have not been reached by any other company in the world. This gives us first mover advantage.

Biochar Now Notoriety

Biochar Now in the News

Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs Visits Biochar Now
Featured on the Discovery Channel

Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 10-25-19 Sustainable Agriculture Tree Of Life Biotechnology.png

Our Partner BioChar Now Wins the 2022 THRIVE Global Impact Award

"Biochar Now LLC is honored to have won the People's Choice Award from The Global Impact Challenge! It is an honor to be recognized as a top 10 clean tech technology in the world out of over 500 other technologies. It is especially humbling to be favored by the public in what we do compared to all the other technologies. Thank you for your support!"

Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 10-25-54 Sustainable Agriculture Tree Of Life Biotechnology.png
Screenshot 2023-11-23 at 10-26-32 Sustainable Agriculture Tree Of Life Biotechnology.png

Biochar Now Featured in Newsweek's Innovation Section

“Five Tech Innovations That Could Help Save the Planet”

The Adopt a Farmer Program

Because of the grave situation facing Israeli farmers and the threat to Israel’s food security, we are spearheading the “Adopt a Farmer Program” which will raise funds from the public as well as from corporations, and other foundations for us to purchase Premium Engineered Biochar to be shipped to Israel and given to farmers at no cost to them to be applied to their crop lands and orchards.


We will model this program to be similar to the JNF (Jewish National Fund) program were people from all over the world donate funds to plant a tree or many trees in their name in the land of Israel which has very little forest land. This program has been going on for decades and has been very successful in increasing the size and number of forested lands in Israel.


A sponsor has the option to gift funds to purchase Biochar to cover from 100 square meters (1,000 square feet) of farm land, up to any size desired. As the unit of measure for land in Israel is the Dunam (¼ acre or 1,000 square meters). The cost of Biochar to cover 1 Dunam of farm land is approx. $ 550 USD*.


So that everyone who wants to take part in the blessing of the land of Israel by adopting a piece of land, we will divide each Dunam by 10, making the minimum donation $ 55 USD, less than the cost of taking the family out to dinner.


In return, once the Biochar has been applied to the farm land, we will issue a beautifully framed certificate with the name of the sponsor, the name of the farm, the GPS coordinates, and the quantity of land sponsored.


The gift of adopting a piece of the “Holy Land”, the everlasting inheritance of the “Children of Israel”, and enriching the land to increase its produce, will bring great blessings to the sponsor and their family for giving a one time gift which will keep giving back sustenance and bounty for the Jewish Nation for generations to come.


One of the volunteer organizations we will be working with to assist us in helping the farmers apply the Biochar on the farm land is an amazing organization called HaShomer HaChadash which is a Zionist social-educational organization established in 2007 by volunteers with the goal of safeguarding the land, assisting farmers and ranchers as well as strengthening the Jewish people’s connections to the land, Jewish values and Zionist identity. Part of your donations will also go to help support this amazing altruistic organization.

"I Am My Brothers' Keeper"

In Phase I of the project we will have to ship Biochar in from the USA as an SOS measure.


In Phase II, we will setup manufacturing facilities in Israel which will utilize agricultural crop waste and wood waste as our feed-stock to convert it in our proprietary Kilns into Premium Engineered Biochar. This will have a beneficial impact on the environment, as the crop and wood waste with no commercial value, will now be up-cycled to a valuable product instead of being burned or even worse, dumped in a landfill where it will release methane gas (a pollutant) into the atmosphere.


Each shipment of the Biochar will occur when 40 cubic yards have been sponsored which will fill one 40 foot container. One 40 foot container will cover approximately 10 acres (40 Dunam) of farm land.



* This amount will cover the cost of the Biochar, shipping, and application on the farm land

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