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Isotopic Housing Project


Isotopic Housing™ Definition: A home which stands alone and  requires no infrastructure whatsoever for water, electricity or sewage treatment making it completely independent.

This new paradigm concept for green sustainable homes and communities is at the heart and centre of the Family of Israel Foundation’s agenda for empowering mankind with the tools, technologies, and know-how to become completely decentralized and truly independent of anyone else for all the basic needs a person or family would require including the production of one’s own food (Hydroponically and organically grown chemical free fruits & vegetables as well as Aquaponic production of fresh fish as a source of high value healthy protein).

We will also include 3D Printing technologies for additive manufacturing which will utilize as its manufacturing feed-stock, plastic made from Hemp that is 10x stronger than steel, half the weight, and biodegradable. This will allow the independent manufacturing of any item or tool which may be needed and can also be used to provide an addition income stream.

One of the hallmark features of Isotopic Homes™ & communities is that instead of a person having to make a living to provide for a home, the home provides a living for its inhabitants.  This is not just some Utopian dream, it is actually something we can do right here, right now! But in order to speed it along, we will need the help of all good people of the world who share our vision.

The foundations' board of directors feels that a pilot project should fulfill two very important objectives. One, helping the disadvantaged with housing solutions; the second objective, is to be a role model and an example of what can be done when you converge advanced technologies into a synergistic, holistic, green sustainable  community which can be copied anywhere in the world where it is desperately needed. The benefits of this project will therefore be twofold.


Ultimately, we want to provide a model which can help people help themselves and reach independence. We want to move away from the paradigm of feeding a person a fish every day; which is not a sustainable model, to giving them the tools, knowledge, and resources to fish for themselves and even help others, making it a sustainable and socially equitable model.     


The Benefits of Social, Environmental & Economic Convergence


The technologies we will be utilizing to create our vision

In order to realize our vision, we will be using several different structure building systems and technologies as well as new raw materials in order to give us the maximum flexibility in regard to building speed, low costs per square meter, ability to survive earthquakes and other natural disasters, minimal or no need for skilled labour, and the ability to source all the raw materials locally. These requirements are necessary in order for it to be sustainable & repeatable anywhere in the world.

This new paradigm shift for sustainable living, will once and for all, be able to decentralize and distribute water, electricity, sewage & solid waste recycling, fuel for transportation, production of food, telecommunications, high speed Internet, education,  and added manufacturing utilizing 3D printers to produce almost any product or object.   



Monolithic Forms Construction Technology

First we will start out with utilizing existing rapid deployment low cost construction technologies which will utilizes HempCrete instead of concrete as the building material to build the shell of the home in anywhere from 24 hours to several days depending on the size of the home and the technology method used for a total cost (not including the supplemental technologies) of $150-$250 USD per square meter depending on the country and the cost of labour.

We chose the Industrial Hemp plant as a flexible building material to start with, because it is a plant very high in cellulose and which grows very rapidly almost anywhere in the world,  reaching 3-4 meters (9-12 feet) in just 3-4 months. It is also because this amazing plant has over 50,000 other uses. It can essentially house us, cloth us, feed us, and heal us while also being green and sustainable.

We will however also be able to use other existing feed-stock sources for plant cellulose such as crop wastes from wheat, corn, soybean etc…or paper and cloth sources that now reach our municipal waste landfills which would enable the recycling of these materials into homes or almost any other object. 


The technology used to build the structure is a monolithic forms technology for building on a permanent location. It offers rapid deployment, low cost construction, and amazing design flexibility and can be used to build not just single and multifamily homes but large multilevel structures as well as shopping centers or other large structures such as a community centre, hospital, etc…  You may view this construction technology in the videos below.

Another hallmark of this companies forms system and technology is the ability to build at the construction site rainwater drainage and storage solutions capable of collecting thousands of cubic meters of rainwater even in areas receiving very little annual rain fall.  This will be used to supplement the water produced 24/7/365 by the home’s internal “Water from Air” Harvesting technology. It can be used for filling a swimming pool and or for the greenhouse and home garden.

Geoplast Form-work Systems 3D

Video footage of real GEOHOUSE by Geoplast

GEOHOUSE alternative building method

Geoplast Water Solutions

Geoplast Green Solutions

3D Printed Homes

What if you could download and print a house in one day for half the cost?

We will be partnering and collaborating with a company which has developed the first industrial 3D printing robotics, software, and advanced materials capable of 3D printing entire communities with up to 2,000 square foot homes. Using this technology, we can print a custom home, and we can do it quicker, with less waste, and at a lower cost than traditional home building methods (approximate $50 USD per square meter for the shell of the home). This is not science fiction, this is science fact. The system is comprised of 3 separate technological developments.

1. Robotics

Gantry system designed to precisely control the deposition on concrete over a large print area.

2. Software

Industrial control software and simple tablet based user interface designed to make it easy to select, design, and print structures.

3. Advanced Materials

Cement-based mix designed to be pumped and extruded without slumping, bonding between layers, and hardening quickly with a compressive strength of 6,000 psi, well above the strength of existing building materials. Each mix can be programmed for specific attributes. We will also be developing new formula mixes which are not cement based but utilize feed-stock which is plant cellulose based, feed-stock which can include municipal organic waste as well as Industrial Hemp and other crop waste.

Instant Nomadic Housing

The next category of Isotopic Housing is the nomadic version utilizing technologies which allows almost instant (10 minutes) deployment of a house and costing approximately $1,800 per square meter depending on custom features requested. This price will come way down once these homes are manufactured on a large scale. The transport size of the folded home is the same size as a standard 40 foot shipping container, making transport anywhere in the world a simple and painless move. 

The added benefit of these housing solutions is that it allows complete and rapid relocation mobility. If one grows tired of his/her surroundings or neighbours, or needs to relocate for a new job, or for any other reason, one can just literally fold up the house in 10 minutes and transport it to the new location. These features provide unprecedented mobility and freedom in today’s rapidly changing dynamic world. It also creates a new class of a movable and transferable asset.  

Water Production from Air

“Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink” (an old quote of British Sailors).  The next wars will not be fought over oil, but over water. After air, water is the most vital element required for the survival of mankind.  97% of the world’s water is oceans, 2% is locked up in the North & South poles leaving only 1% of which  a quarter of that is polluted and not fit for human consumption. This situation is not sustainable and must be  resolved in a more creative way.  Nearly 1 out of every 5 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is linked to water-related diseases from drinking contaminated water. Another approximately 4,500 people die every day from  simple lack of clean drinking water. Water production must be decentralized and distributed in order to prevent further death and for this problem to not escalate even further.

The best solution we could come up with is Atmospheric Water Vapour Processing Technology (Water from Air) which will utilizes a newly developed nano-material which is hydrophilic (attracts water) on one side while the other side being hydrophobic (rejects water) thus literally sucking the water right out of the air with the only electricity being required by the fan which moves fresh air through the system and the filtration and real-time quality control/monitoring systems.

The system can operate on the electricity produced by only 2 solar panels. This system will even work in the desert with humidity as low as 20%. This new nano-material can extract approximately 288 litres of water per day per square meter of material. This approach for extracting water from air is a radical shift from the current technology which utilizes the process of condensation and uses 100 year old air conditioning compressors which require over 25KW of electrical power to produce an average of 1 cubic meter (1,000 litres) per day at a 50% humidity level while being only 25% efficient.     

Production of Green Electricity

Advanced Solar/Wind systems for electrical power generation (immediately available with more advanced and exotic energy technologies to be made available in the next 2-3 years). The solar panels we will use are very high efficiency and the wind technology we will be using is a patented technology called the Wind Cube™ or WindWall™which utilizes a ducted fan design and can be stacked. The other patented wind technology by the same inventor is called a WindPipe™ which has no propeller so it is very quite and does not kill birds. It is essentially a telescoping tube shaped like an upside-down cone which channels the wind down the pipe creating a powerful vortex which drives the linear electric generator at the bottom of the WindPipe™.

The history of windmills reaches back 3,700 years, all way to the 2nd millennia BC when Babylonian ruler Hammurabi supposedly unveiled his plans to convert the power of the wind using automated network of irrigation windmills that would provide water to his land. Modern windmills as we know them today started first appearing around 8th and 9th century in middle east and Western Asia. Initially popularized by Muslims, windmills soon arrived in India, China and Europe, where they went through several cycles of incredible innovation. But over the last few centuries, very little innovation has been done in improving the design, efficiency, and safety of windmills, as well as reducing the many current limitations imposed by today’s current wind technology; that is until now, with the Wind Cube™ & WindPipe™ design.

These wind powered devices can operate even in areas with zone 4 winds which conventional wind turbines must use a governor to slow it down so as not to destroy the turbine. With wind speeds of over 11 meters per second the power conversion  is   P=V3  (Power=Velocity Cube). The Wind Cube™, WindWall or WindPipe™ can operate at wind speeds over 60 Km per hour as well as wind speeds as low as 2 meters per second.   

Sewage Treatment (Recycling)

We will install a small portable Plasma-Arc Recycler to treat the homes sewage while converting it to an environmentally clean renewable gas, NessGas™ (chemical symbol COH2) a.k.a MagneGas™,which is a one to one replacement for hydrocarbon fuels, is 150 octane, and not only does it not pollute; its combustion releases up to 20% oxygen (life sustaining). The reactor also discharges clean water rich in organic fertilizer to be utilized for the garden and for food production.

The reactor technology is also ideally suited as part of an energy storage technology because it can convert excess electricity production from solar and wind now going to waste, into a gas which can be stored and later used to run a vehicle, cook, heat, or for the production of electricity at peak demand in a gas generator or even better, a solid state fuel cell.


Solid Waste Recycling

For communities we will install a small patented recycling plant which will convert all the organic waste (75% of total waste) into high value building material to be utilized in our 3D Home Printers. Single homes will utilize a Hyper-Furnace which completely burns the waste while producing electricity with almost zero harmful emissions.    

Food Production

We will install all the required equipment and systems for advanced largely automated greenhouse food production which will still require some physical work. After all it would be a very boring life for people if we were required to do nothing at all accept consume. A balance must be created between production and consumption in order to maintain a sense of worth & purpose in our lives. We will also plant many different fruit trees including fast growing ones which are considered super foods such as the Moringa Tree also known as the “Miracle Tree of Life”. Also please read a journal article published by John Hopkins University; Moringa Oleifera: A Review of the Medical Evidence for its Nutritional, Therapeutic, and Prophylactic Properties.
Communications & High-Speed Internet

Another suite of technologies and computer hardware which will be included in each Isotopic Home for communications, education, entertainment and fast internet access, is a new decentralized, distributed and incentivized wireless internet utilizing modified Mesh Network devices & technology and new end-to-end data encrypted traffic routing algorithms which will truly enable net neutrality free from ISP manipulations & costs, government control, or censorship and invasion of privacy; truly making it the internet of the people, by the people and for the people. Each home will have computer hardware with a minimum of 18 nodes for running  different Dapps (Decentralized Applications) and will include massive terabit storage which can be used for network shared cloud storage. Because this system is incentivized, it will also provide an additional passive income stream  to create additional wealth accumulation by each member by providing internet/data bandwidth.

Global Impact on Reducing Homelessness & Poverty 

These homes can be built or placed almost anywhere in the world and can be standalone, or can be organized into small, medium, or large green sustainable communities with the addition of community centers, schools, health care centers, and shopping. In this scenario the technologies for water production, energy generation, and gas production from reactors which treat the communities’ sewage can be used as a shared resource by community members thus reducing the per home capital costs.

Because each Isotopic Home produces much more energy than it consumes it will allow the sale of all excess electricity or its conversion in our custom reactor which treats the homes waste water into an environmentally friendly renewable gas called NessGas which can then be sold for vehicle or other uses. This, combined with autonomous food production and 3D additive manufacturing equipment, will provide a consistent income for families and communities living in Isotopic Homes and or communities. 
This concept will bring new meaning to care free independent living. It is the our vision to make every Isotopic home a profit centre which can provide a comfortable living for any family who owns one. It will also provide a means of paying off a loan for those who can’t afford to buy one outright. We want everyone, rich or poor alike, to be able to have access to these homes, technologies, and know-how. We want to empower and enable young couples to start out their young lives living a truly independent existence without always being dependent on someone else for a job or a handout in order to survive. We don’t want people of the world to just survive, we want them to thrive and grow; spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. 

It is well known that most arguments & fighting among married couples usually has something to do with  household finances more than any other issues. This places a lot of stress and negative feelings on the family unit, often leading to depression and a sense of guilt for not being able to provide for ones family. It many times also leads to divorce and a breaking up of the home, further exacerbating matters. Solving this global problem which faces most people in the world, will bring more peace & family unity to the world. For without family unity, there can never truly by national security.

We firmly believe that this new paradigm concept for clean sustainable living is the future we must all embrace with both hands. Its rapid implementation will usher in an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity for all humanity.

The best news of all, is that all the technologies to realize the above concept of Isotopic Housing are all mostly off-the-shelf technologies the author has been involved with for many years just waiting to be implemented on a mass scale. The author is merely the conductor, orchestrating the symphony of technologies which will work together in complete symbiotic harmony to benefit humanity. It is truly an amazing convergence of technologies which should be adopted and implemented far and wide.

The Isotopic community will include a greenhouse complex for growing the communities fruits & vegetables, and a light manufacturing and R&D complex where we will assemble the TenFold™  nomadic homes and for the production of a artificial marble product made from concrete with over 500 different items which will include marble columns, furniture, facing stone, floor tiles, wall tiles, fireplaces, decorative items, decorative door & window frames, roof tiles, etc…which will be used in the construction of the community for the interior and exterior of the homes & garden decorations. The cost of the artificial marble is 1/5 the cost of natural marble while being superior in strength & flexibility. This will also serve to substantially reduce the construction costs for the community.

Cross Section of the Isotopic Home

Isotopic Home Cutaway (Labeled).jpg

Birds Eye View of Our First Community

In closing, we are very excited about this project and the huge potential benefits it will have in empowering humanity. It’s speedy implementation will relieve much suffering and needless lose of life in the world, and will usher in and promote more peace & prosperity than any single human endeavor to date.

We ask of all you kindred spirits to join with us and our vision, and be a part of freeing humanity once and for all from homelessness, thirst, starvation, lack of communication, education, deprivation of opportunities, or exclusion from the global economic community. Your generous contributions will be greatly appreciated both in heaven as well as on earth. 
Peace & Blessings,
Prof. Pinchas Mandell
Chairman/Chief Scientist

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