About the Family of Israel

Our Organization

The establishment of the foundation is a process of transformation and innovation. Daring to dream, daring to transcend while breaking conventional thinking, and daring to act and innovate. The re-birth of the foundation is a result of decades of thinking out of the box, doing what others dare not do, and most importantly, taking the courageous first steps to turn ideas into reality.

Our organization supports, cooperates, and collaborates with doctors, scientists, and engineers from around the world on a wide verity of human endeavours.

We wish to be a model to be copied not just in Israel but all over the world, truly fulfilling the prophecies of “And thou shall be a light unto the nations” (Isaiah 49:6). The Family of Israel is really a global movement for positive social change.

Our Mission

The foundations mission is to support, promote, and lead projects, research and development, and disruptive bleeding edge technologies which will have an impact on peoples lives, both on a personal level, as well as a global one.

Further, we wish to implement many already existing technologies which have been developed over a period of many decades. Our approach is to be like a conductor of an orchestra orchestrating the symphony of technologies and ideas which work together in complete symbiotic harmony for the benefit of all mankind. "One Race, the Human Race; One Kind, Mankind, all for one, and one for all, united we stand, divided we fall". We wish to lead by example!

Our Story

The founder Prof. Pinchas Mandell is the oldest son of the late Reuven & Sara Mandell, a pioneering and idealistic couple who left behind the fame & fortune of Las Vegas out of love & devotion to God and the Land of Israel and followed their forefather Abraham’s example when the Lord told him, “Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto the land that I will show thee” (Genesis 12:1) and immigrated to Israel in 1967 one week after the 6 day war to pursue their spiritual quest, and in 1970 started Kibbutz Kedma, an abandoned Kibbutz for 12 years which was transformed into a vibrant, successful, supporting, and loving community.

Kedma was place set up to bring the light of the “Torah” to the many lost and confused Jews of the 60’s looking to reconnect to their roots and rich Jewish heritage. Many who came to Kedma were troubled youth suffering from psychological and drug abuse problems. The method they developed at Kedma to bring healing to these people they called “Soul Therapy”.