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If you want to accurately predict the future, create it. (Abraham Lincoln)


Mission Statement

The vision and mission of the foundation is to support, promote, and lead projects, research and development, and disruptive bleeding edge technologies which will have an impact on peoples lives, both on a personal level, as well as a global one.

​Israel being a “Start up Nation”, and being blessed with the highest number of engineers and scientists per capita in the world; has made her an ideal and fertile ground for developing and implementing new ideas and innovations which have already had a global impact and will God willing continue to do so long into the future. In this spirit we wish to continue.

​The establishment of the foundation is a process of transformation and innovation. Daring to dream, daring to transcend while breaking conventional thinking, and daring to act and innovate. The birth of the foundation is a result of decades of thinking out of the box, doing what others dare not do, and most importantly, taking the courageous first steps to turn ideas into reality. We wish to be a model to be copied not just in Israel but all over the world, truly fulfilling the prophecies of “And thou shall be a light unto the nations” (Isaiah 49:6). The Family of Israel is really a global movement for positive social change.

What We Do


Infectious Disease Mortality Reduction Project

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Translational Medicine R&D Projects

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Isotopic Housing Project.

Building Green Sustainable Communities


Project A.R.K.

Abrahams Returning Kinder

Get Involved -
Be the Solution!


By supporting the Family of Israel Foundation and making a small membership donation of $ 18 a year or whatever your heart inspires you to contribute, you are helping speed up the redemption of humanity and ushering in the long awaited promise of the Creator blessed be He of the “Messianic Era” and everlasting peace & prosperity for all humanity. Your charitable contributions will be greatly appreciated both in heaven and on earth.


Please Note:     All members who contribute $ 18  a year will have access to the members only section which has a wealth of very important life saving and informative information and includes many e-books covering many diverse topics worth thousands of dollars. In actuality, the information is priceless.


As with any non-profit foundation, it is difficult to manage, especially at the beginning, without recruiting some volunteers for all the various tasks required to run a foundation.

We are looking to recruit spirit filled individuals who share our vision for making the world a better place to live in and have the passion to be a part of the solution in making it happen.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please click on the button bellow.

Be a Goodwill Ambassador

We are looking for spirit filled individuals or organizations who would like to become goodwill ambassadors for the foundation by inviting speakers from the Family of Israel to lecture at their local synagogues, churches or other public events, as well as holding fundraising events.

If you are interested in becoming a Family of Israel Goodwill Ambassador, please click the Join Us button bellow.



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